MC African is a private company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius.  We offer business services including Consultancy, Film Production and Investment Management in Mauritius.  Since 2018, we have been working with clients in Dubai and Mumbai and have a global team of 14 international consultants in various fields.  With 20+ clients in Dubai, our goodwill has been constantly growing since the past 2 years.  From Human Resource Planning to Brand Development, we have helped our clients achieve consistent and sustainable growth rates.  We also provide Advisory and Conciergerie Services for Businessman and Film Producers wishing to explore the Mauritian Business Environment.  We have been working with Film Producers for local shooting and helped them cover up to 40% of their qualifying production expenses in Mauritius.

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Manish Cushmagee
Chief Executive Officer

Manish has over 10 years of experience in the Business Field and is the founder of several highly successful local companies in Mauritius.  He has assisted many firms in shifting from start-ups to highly sustainable businesses.  He is currently director and board member of several local companies.  He has also been a mentor for Youngsters in the field of Empowerment & Entrepreneurship.  He is the founder of the Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Agency of Mauritius and is also implementing this project in Mumbai.  Manish was also board member at the Fashion & Design Institute of Mauritius.  Since 2018, he has been managing MC African in Dubai, Mumbai and Mauritius.